Leni Cellini (1983). Silence lover. Sensitive soul. city ​​monk.

My meditation path started in 2006, when I took my first mindfulness training as a young student. It was immediately Great Love. Afterwards I often went on retreat to deepen my practice. Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh in particular has been a major influence for me. I also learned a lot from teachers like Tara Brach and Jeff Foster (and still do!).

I have been giving mindfulness training since 2011 and in 2018 I founded my own organization 'On-the-go'. I guide people both individually and in groups to more awareness, mildness and freedom.

The greatest gift of the practice for me is developing more gentleness and compassion for myself and others. Learning to befriend myself, dare to allow and feel emotions, learn to see my small sides with soft eyes. And be less trapped in it, learn to deal with it differently. I like to share that road to more insight and (self) compassion with others.