Available now: The four Brahmaviharas by Ayya Virañani

Voor het volgende mooie nieuws schakelen we over op het Engels. For the next great news, we switch to English.

Today we are launching the new 4 weeks In-Depth series: The four Brahmaviharas by Ayya Virañani

You can sign up now and experience this 4 weeks In-Depth series about the four Brahmaviharas. Guided by sister (Ayya) Virañani you will enter into the wisdom and power of Metta (loving-kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (empathetic joy, gladness) and Upekkha (equanimity).

These four Brahmaviharas (‘divine abodes’) are explicitly described by the Buddha to be important supports to awakening as well as powerful states in their own right.


– With each theme page you will dive into a new Brahmavihara with a pre-recorded video teaching (from Myanmar) by Ayya Virañani;

– You will get access to extensive study material: a wide range of supporting suttas, quotes and readings related to each Brahmavihara;

– Although this course is in English, most suttas are translated in Dutch as well;

– With like-minded people from around the world you can share your questions, experiences, thoughts and insights;

– A member (Lidmaatschap) can access this in-depth series for EUR 100,-
Non-members can access this in-depth series for EUR 115,-

Warm greetings ?
Team 30NOW & Ayya Virañani
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